Guest Surgeon: White Cataract Stop-and-Chop

white cataract stop and chop guest 162 title

It is good to learn from various techniques from many different surgeons. You get to see the differences and similarities and it helps to refine your own techniques. For beginning surgeons, I recommend that you emulate your mentors and then incorporate the best of what you learn into your own style and technique.

Today we are learning from Dr Derda Ozer from Turkey as he performs a stop-and-chop technique in an eye with a white cataract. There are many good points to learn here including proper sculpting of the groove in the nucleus, the chop technique for each hemi-nucleus, and the delivery of his IOL using the wound-assist technique through an incision of just 2.2 mm in width.

Click below to watch this video and learn from our guest surgeon:

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