A Bad Capsulorhexis leads to Trouble

anonymous capsule rupture 138 title

Today we present another case, submitted by an anonymous surgeon for review. We applaud this surgeon for sharing this complicated surgery so that we can all learn from it. The complication here is a capsulorhexis which radializes to the zonules and then extends all the way back and splits the posterior capsule. We saw a similar case last week where a similar issue occurred and we were able to still place the single piece IOL in the capsular bag. This case, however, is quite different and the IOL is placed in such a manner that it will dislocated in the post-op period. This patient will then need another surgery to secure a different IOL.

There are other things to learn from this case as well. This surgeon utilizes unique micro-capsule forceps and intra-operative aberrometry, two things which I typically do not use. The challenge when watching the video is to determine exactly when the posterior capsule was compromised.

Again, thank you to this anonymous surgeon for submitting her case.

Click below to learn from this complication video:

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  1. It was very interesting case for me. Thank you anonymous surgeon and Professor Uday Devgan for sharing this case.

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