Why you MUST learn Phaco-Chop (Resident Case)

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A critical part of being an accomplished ophthalmologist is keeping up with the advances in your field. For cataract surgery, it is important to learn many different techniques so that you can adapt your procedure to the patient’s clinical situation. Here at CataractCoach.com we have made a point of teaching all types of surgical maneuvers. For modern day cataract surgery in my hands, the best technique is doing phaco chop. The total amount of energy placed in the eye is lower, the healing is better, and the surgery is safer and more efficient.

Today we are reviewing surgical footage from a young ophthalmologist who recently finished his residency. He made a point of learning phaco chop during his training and he demonstrates that quite nicely. In order to be efficient with your time, we have sped up the video and it is shown at twice the normal speed. This young surgeon did a great job with this surgery and I anticipate that he will become even better in the future.

Click below to watch this video:


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