For the Capsulorhexis: Femto or Forceps?

femto or forceps

Was the capsulorhexis show in this photo done with a femtosecond laser, a micro-pulse electrical zap, or simply with capsule forceps? If you’re a frequent reader of then you know that I am in favor of using the capsule forceps for the majority of my surgeries, and I’m not alone with even long-standing key opinion leaders like Dr. Lindstrom echoing the same feelings.

We have previously explored the topic of how to make the ideal capsulorhexis, and it is worth mentioning that the main consideration is the ability to pivot within the incision. This allows the anterior chamber to stay deep and it prevents prolapse of the viscoelastic. My advice to beginning surgeons is to first feel comfortable making a manual capsulorhexis on a consistent basis, then feel free to try the femtosecond laser or other automated technology device. But do not sacrifice learning the manual skills with the idea that you will always just use the femto laser because that may not be possible in all situations.

Click below to see how the capsulorhexis seen in these photos was created:

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