Novice Surgeon attempts a Dense Brunescent Cataract

resident dense cataract title

Today we feature a brave and talented young surgeon who has only about 30 cataracts of experience so far. And in this video, our anonymous surgeon attempts to do phaco of a dense brunescent cataract. The procedure is successful and our novice surgeon does a commendable job. There are many great learning points from this surgery, so we recommend this video to both our beginning and advanced surgeons.

Because this video was lengthy (about 30 minutes), we have increased the playback rate to 3x so that the entire surgery can be watched in just 10 minutes. This is not meant to take any credit away from our young surgeon — the case here was performed well. I anticipate that this young surgeon will blossom into an expert phaco surgeon in the future.

Click below for to learn from a novice surgeon attempting a dense cataract:

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