Beginning Surgeon Cataract Case Analysis

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Becoming proficient at cataract surgery is not easy and the learning curve is quite steep, particularly at the beginning. We can learn a lot from watching video footage of our surgeries and determining how we can make the next case better. This idea of continuous improvement is what is required to become an expert cataract surgeon. Every single surgery should be a learning experience and a chance to become better and better. Even having complications is a learning experience, and it can take thousands of cases before a surgeon has experienced some of the rare issues that come up in unusual cases.

This video shows a cataract surgery done by a beginning surgeon, someone with only about 30 cases completed so far. The case takes more than 20 minutes and while there are some issues that could be improved, the overall surgery is good and the patient will achieve an excellent outcome.

Beginning cataract surgeons will find this video and my commentary quite useful, while the more advanced surgeons who visit may deem it too basic. If you are a beginning cataract surgeon yourself (with fewer than 100 phacos performed), you really should watch this entire video start to finish.

Click below to watch the video (22 minutes) with my commentary:

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