Single-Piece Acrylic IOL Injector Loading

IOL penny title

All beginning cataract surgeons must know how to load the IOL into the injector for cataract surgery. While this seems like very basic knowledge for established cataract surgeons, this video will prove useful for our younger ophthalmologists. Remember that IOLs of the same brand will differ in central optic thickness based on the dioptric power so that a +27 D IOL will be significantly thicker than a +17 D IOL. This sometimes means using a larger cartridge for the injector and that may require a slightly larger incision.

The hydrophobic, single-piece, acrylic IOLs tend to have the same dimensions and they are often interchangeable in terms of injectors and cartridges. Note that manufacturers will only warranty their IOLs for use with their specific injectors. Surgeons doing mix-and-match are doing so off-label and at their own judgment.

Remember that IOLs have a frontside and a backside which means that there is a correct way and a wrong way for insertion. The IOL haptics should never form the letter S — remember that S = stupid mistake because the lens is upside down! The haptic configuration should look like the letter Z (or the number 2) when inserted properly .

IOL S config

Click below for the video of how to load a single-piece acrylic IOL: