Slow Motion Analysis of Phaco Chop

phaco chop slow motion

When we are watching a cataract surgery video to learn techniques from others, it is often difficult to understand the slight nuances which make the procedure successful. Slowing down the video to 1/3rd of the normal speed allows us to truly understand the maneuvers and understand the techniques.

This routine phaco chop cataract case is about 4.5 minutes in real time and while that is good for the patient because it is less traumatic, it is tough for my resident surgeons to grasp the techniques which may happen in just a second or less.

This video has a complete teaching voice-over track, both for the real-time video shown first and then for the 0.33x slow motion analysis.

Click below to learn from this video:

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  1. Dr. Devgan, Thank you for your excellent videos. I watch them every week and learn a lot. In this particular video, I noticed that your main wound and paracentesis are located about 30-45 degrees apart at the limbus. I started off that way and now I’ve migrated to a more 75 – 90 degree separation. Are there pros and cons to having the instruments placed close together as well as far apart? Under what circumstances might I change this particular variable to my advantage?

    1. depending on the case, I will vary the position of the paracentesis. In some situations, I will perform an LRI to treat corneal astigmatism right after finishing the cataract surgery and I do not want the LRI to intersect the paracentesis.

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