2014: scleral fixation using internal loops

There are so many different techniques to fixate an IOL in an eye that is lacking capsular support. While the Yamane ISHF technique has become quite popular recently, there are also other methods such as the Canabrava and McCabe techniques using 6-0 Prolene or the long-lasting Gore-Tex suture fixation. Our guest surgeon in this video presents a technique that I have not seen before: creating internal suture loops that are then placed around the haptics and cinched down to secure the IOL. Then each of the ends of the suture is fashioned into a flange and then secured to the sclera. I have edited the video down to just a few minutes, starting with about 40 minutes of original video footage. This is an interesting technique that works well for this patient. Have you tried this technique or something similar?

video link here

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