1955: resident misses the Smoke Sign!

You must know what the Smoke Sign is and you must be able to react to it instantly. You can tell that this is a resident video because the surgeon is accommodating too much and the microscope video recording is a bit out of focus. I am proud of this resident for recording surgical videos and then watching them, annotating them, and emailing them to me for review. Bravo – that is a sign of future success because you really care about your surgical performance. But what caught my eye in this video is the ominous Smoke Sign which means a clogged phaco tip and it can predict an impending phaco wound burn. Fortunately, this case ended without complications since the blockage of the phaco needle was spontaneously resolved. But it helps us hammer home the important lesson that if you see the Smoke Sign, STOP, pull out of the eye and check your phaco tip for blockage!

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