1944: What I have learned from Cataract Coach

When I started this project in 2018 and committed to making a new video every day, I did not fully realize the worldwide impact that it would have. My goal has always been to spread knowledge so that we can all learn together to become better surgeons for the benefit of millions of patients worldwide. Now with 55,000 subscribers to our videos (and 5,000 subscribers to our free daily email – you can sign up here) along with 20,000,000 video views, there is no doubt that the reach is truly global. We have expanded to have a full 25 part curriculum series, a free PDF CataractCoach book, and even a fast-growing PodCast featuring 1 hour interviews with surgeons.

The CataractCoach Curriculum is a series of 25 videos, each about 20-30 minutes, which takes a beginner surgeon through a learning process for modern day cataract surgery. These were published every two weeks so that the entire course curriculum would be watched during the first year of residency surgical training.

Other special features have included the IOL Calc Case Study series where challenging clinical cases of lens calculations are reviewed in detail to understand the thought process. If you want to improve your efficiency in the operating room, see our Focus on Efficiency series. Our Playlist Series showcases similar videos covering a specific topic.

Our featured video today is from a surgeon who has gleaned so many great lessons from watching CataractCoach videos. They are all put together in a routine cataract case and I give a live commentary with video. I think you will really enjoy this video and it will drive home these important surgical pearls.

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