1899: phaco without hydro-dissection

There are a few catch phrases or sayings that I use on CataractCoach to make it easy to remember critical parts of surgery. I’m sure you’ve heard me say, “Viscoelastic is cheaper than vitreous!” and another one is, “If it does not spin, you will not win” but that’s not always the case for an experienced surgeon. In this video we feature a surgeon who does not perform any hydro maneuvers: no hydro-dissection and no hydro-delineation and yet, he is still able to perform a beautiful cataract surgery. As you gain more experience after many thousands of surgeries, you can adjust the steps of surgery to suit your style. But if you have less than a thousands cases completed, I advise you to still stick with hydro-dissection and if desired, hydro-delineation.

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