1843: ASCRS 2023 Course Case 3

On Sunday, May 7, 2023 we had our Best of CataractCoach.com course at the ASCRS meeting in San Diego. It was a huge success and we filled every seat and it was standing room only. The beauty (and fun) of this course is the panel discussion.

And we had two amazing experts to help us: Rosa Braga-Mele MD, professor at University of Toronto in Canada and Deepinder Dhaliwal MD, professor at University of Pittsburgh in the USA. I sure that you will enjoy the banter where these experts speak from extensive experience and they are all too happy to give me a bit of a hard time and often offer differing opinions. All in the name of great learning. This course was 9 cases in 90 minutes and we will feature one of these per day over the next week and a half. If you like this format, please leave a comment letting me know so that I can feature it again.

This video is case 3 where a monocular patient with 16-cut radial keratotomy has a beautiful surgery but a challenging post-operative course.

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  1. I watch your videos every day and enjoy them..It not only helps me but also my postgraduate students to learn good surgery
    This is a beautiful way of presenting cases ..as the viewers are actively involved in critical analysis and decision-making at every step and the panelist’s experience help in understanding the concept better . Thank you very much for such a wonderful coaching..I am Prof Rekha Khandelwal from NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences in Nagpur from Central India

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