1826: PodCast 9: Vance Thompson MD

Vance Thompson MD is a visionary in refractive surgery and he has truly perfected the patient experience starting with his main clinic in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and now expanding into other states. This podcast goes into detail about what makes his clinics special and his secrets to success in building a practice where the patient experience is truly amazing. There are so many great pearls from this podcast that will certainly help you provide better care to your patients. Truly so much to learn.

While we currently host two podcast interviews per month, on the second and fourth Sundays, starting in June we are going to have a new podcast every week! We will have them uploaded to all major podcast services (click links here: AppleGoogleSpotify) for enjoying as you drive to work or exercise. You can even ask your Amazon Alexa to play the CataractCoach podcast and enjoy from home. I am really excited to share these amazing podcasts with you. The full video of the podcast will also be here on CataractCoach as well as on our YouTube channel.

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  1. Truth was spoken. Vance Thompson has articulated the attitude and ingredients for fulfillment in career and life. A thing of beauty. Thank you for sharing Dr. Thompson and Devgan!

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