1794: Eyhance OD and Vivity OS – why?

This patient is a physician from the east coast of the USA (more than 3000 km from my clinic) who has traveled to see me for cataract surgery. There is a lifelong history of high myopia due to axial elongation and the myopia has worsened as the nuclear sclerotic cataracts have progressed. He has previously worn contact lenses in a monovision arrangement and wishes to become as spectacle independent as possible with cataract surgery.

The IOL calculations show the axial length of about 30 mm in each eye. The right eye (dominant eye) has an ideal IOL power of +7.0 D while the left eye shows that a +9.5 D IOL would give a goal of about -0.64 which means that a +10.0 D IOL would give about -1 diopters as a post-op target. The right eye was implanted with a monofocal IOL (Johnson & Johnson Tecnis Eyhance DIB00) while the left eye received an EDOF (extended depth of focus) IOL (Alcon Vivity Clareon CCWET0). The patient had a great recovery of vision and is really pleased with this result. The video here explains my rationale for using this combination to maximize great vision without glasses.

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  1. HI Dr. Devgan. I watched your video review of the Technis Eyehance from a few years ago. In it, you were quite positive about the extended focal range of the iol. IN this video, you seemed to indicate that the advantage over a standard monofocal was nearly nothing. I am considering this lens. Can you give me a realistic expectation? thanks.

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