1786: rescuing Argentinian flag sign

What do you do when the anterior capsule tear suddenly extends out to the lens equator? This is the dreaded Argentinian flag sign which is when there is an errant and uncontrolled tear during capsulorhexis creation due to the pressurized capsular bag from liquefied lens proteins. These intumescent cataracts pose challenges and surgeons should know how to minimize risks and then handle potential complications.

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  1. Interesting: If you look closely and pause the video it looks like the surgeon slid the rubber irrigation sleeve forward over the metal aspiration needle tip and positioned the aspiration hole of the metal needle in the center of one of the irrigation holes in the rubber sleeve to lessen the chance of inadvertently aspirating the capsule edge and extending the anterior capsular tear even further around the equator. Nifty little trick not pointed out in the video.

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