1759: Focus on Efficiency: your scrub tech

This week we have a Focus on Efficiency. Today, the importance of your scrub tech.

As surgeons, we do not operate in a vacuum but rather with an entire team of experts which allows us to perform at our maximum potential. For a routine cataract case we have the surgeon, the scrub tech, the circulating nurse, the anesthesiologist, and of course, the patient. The scrub tech shown in the video above is immediately next to my right hand and she is superb. She is able to work with me to make this cataract surgery safe, efficient, precise, and pleasurable. I am certainly in the state of flow (a video reviewing that concept is scheduled in 2 days as video 1761) and the way that we work together is like a beautiful ballet dance. Really! Watch the video and I think you’ll agree. This video gives a rare look at what happens outside of the surgical microscope.

link here

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