1757: Focus on Efficiency: please help me

This week we have a Focus on Efficiency. Today, a look at an experienced surgeon’s case.

An anonymous ophthalmologist with more than 20 years of experience sent in a video asking for advice to become more efficient. Let us first state unequivocally that this surgeon is already very good and this cataract surgery case takes about 12 minutes. This surgeon states that typical cases take between 12 and 16 minutes, so this one was on the more efficient side. However, this doctor desires to be even more efficient in order to get the case times under 10 minutes. What simple changes can be made in order to achieve this? Please watch the video and give your suggestions. Tomorrow I have chosen one of my cases at random (not cherry picked, as you will see) and I’ll tell you what goes through my mind as I look to be efficient during surgery. Again, let’s emphasize that speed is not the goal, but rather a safe surgery that is minimally invasive and efficient. We always want to give the same high level of care that we would want to receive.

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