1741: defining and measuring success

Defining success is not easy because it means different things to everyone and it tends to evolve or change throughout our lives. Remember that failure and success are both in the same direction and it is your creativity and mastery of challenges that propels you in that path. For me, success is a journey with ever changing goals. So it is the journey that is the reward and the near-win and almost-perfect moments are what drive me to be even better. While we are at the earlier stages of our careers, we are taught to measure success with income, surgical volume, and job titles. These can be easier to quantify, but they may not be as fulfilling as prioritizing our health, relationships, enjoyment, and happiness. After you watch this brief video, please leave a comment about what your personal pie chart looks like today and if it may change in the future.

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  1. There is a whole wide world of knowledge to explore outside of ophthalmology. I never wanted me liife be defined only by ophthalmology. I have found fulfillment in pursuing lifelong learning. I completed my masters degree in liberal studies at the age of 45. I received my CFA Charter at 58, and this qualifies me to run the profit sharing plan for our practice. I started piano lessons a few years ago. Now I play the piano every evening. My career as an ophthalmologist will end in ten years. But I will keep on learning until the very end.

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