1737: IOL breaks the posterior capsule

We should never devalue cataract surgery or claim that it is such an easy procedure because even in expert hands, there is no guarantee of success. Our guest surgeon here is very experienced and talented and in this routine case, when the IOL is inserted something is just not right. The posterior capsule ruptures and there is zonular loss with instability of the IOL. Hard to say exactly when the capsule was compromised, but certainly it is. The patient’s tissue and anatomy play an important role in the success of our surgeries and sometimes, even with an expert operating, there can be complications. Watch the video and tell me what you think happened.

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  1. Wasnt there a problem with the zonules during phaco or i/a?
    I prefer to do the IOL implantation in the same surgery if everything is right, as in this case. Use triamcinolone to complete the vitrectomy and do a Yamane or Goretex suture Lens
    Thank you for the time you invest in sharing your knowlage!!!!!

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