1723: Quiz: Why did corneal edema develop?

Quiz time with another CataractQuiz™ from CataractCoach™. Look carefully at the photo above and you will note that the patient had a significant nuclear cataract pre-operatively and then the day after cataract surgery had a great result with a clear cornea and minimal inflammation. The patient returned about a week later and noticed a decline in vision. There was corneal edema from the pupil to the limbus in one sector. Why? What is the cause of this? What is your treatment plan? Please leave a comment below before watching the video.

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  1. May be due to localized decemets detachment which was not noticed at surgery.
    Now going to watch video

  2. Difficult to detect the retained fragments with corneal arcus senilis. In the video you did not flush the angle as you usually do

  3. could be an IOP rise ?? because the patient returned after a week ,as endothelial damage usually arise at the axis.

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