1693: curriculum lesson 13: phaco chop details

Merry Christmas to the young ophthalmologists who are going to make time to learn from this latest lesson in our Curriculum Series. In this video we are going to spend time going into more of the details of phaco chop including some slow motion analysis and suggesting phaco parameters for efficient surgery. Over the past 22 years of teaching the UCLA residents, less than half of them were able to learn phaco chop during their residency training. The challenge is that it requires coordinating the movement of both hands within a time constraint. As you embed the phaco probe and increase the vacuum, the holding power of the nucleus will only last for a second or two. That is your window in which to perform the chop. Put the effort to learn phaco chop — once you do, you will quickly incorporate it as your go-to technique.

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  1. Many thanks for the great video. Really useful for learning phaco chop.

    Just wanted to ask you a few questions.

    When going down vertically with your chopper to do the phaco chop, how far down the nucleus do you go? Do you look at the lens thickness on the biometry beforehand?

    Many thanks

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