1689: phaco & pars plana vitrectomy

This patient has a rhegmatogenous retinal detachment as well as a visually significant cataract. Our guest surgeon is experienced with both vitreo-retinal surgery and cataract surgery and he elects to address both issues at the same time. This is more common in other parts of the world, but less frequent in the USA where ophthalmologists tend to super-specialize. There are some important pearls in this video such as ensuring that the capsulorhexis overlaps the optic so that when the vitreous cavity is pressurized with gas the IOL stays completely within the capsular bag. After IOL implantation, the vitrector can be used to clear away the central posterior capsule thereby obviating the need for a future YAG laser capsulotomy. I have performed combination cases like this in our private clinic with me doing the cataract surgery and a vitreo-retinal colleague handling the retinal detachment.

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