1676: this IOL is going in upside down

The 7L rule makes my life so much easier. This rule states that the leading haptic should look like the number “7” and the trailing haptic should look like the capital letter “L” so that the overall IOL is in the anti-S orientation. This surgeon does a great job of realizing that the leading haptic is in the wrong direction so he twists the cartridge to try to deliver the IOL in the correct orientation. It almost works, but unfortunately the IOL is now upside down. Cleverly, he flips the IOL inside the eye and then places it in the capsular bag in the correct orientation. Great job and result and I’m proud of this young surgeon. There are a couple of pointers that could make it easier next time: add more viscoelastic to deepen the capsular bag and the anterior chamber, and then use two hands to flip the IOL.

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