1664: how to filter triamcinolone Kenalog

In a previous video we showed how to remove 90% of the preservative from a vial of triamcinolone by aspirating the fluid after the particles have settled to the bottom. If your vial is already shaken and the triamcinolone particles are already suspended in the liquid, then you will want to use the technique shown in this video to filter the triamcinolone acetonide which will then be resuspended in balanced salt solution. You can also buy preservative-free triamcinolone such as Triesence ($100+ per vial) but it is far more expensive than Kenalog (less than $10 per vial).

These are the products used: (1) Balanced Salt Solution, (2) Kenalog 40mg/mL, and (3) the BVI 0.20 micron high flow filter, reference number 581030

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