1662: expansion ring for small pupils

Happy Thanksgiving to my USA followers – my favorite holiday of the year because we express our gratitude for the blessings in our life. I am blessed to have a passion for ophthalmology and to have the support of 46,000 subscribers across the world. Every day I am thankful to be an ophthalmologist who can give the gift of sight to many patients and then indirectly help countless others by sharing surgical knowledge online. Our guest surgeon is a vitreo-retinal surgeon from Shenzen, China and he taught himself cataract surgery by carefully studying online resources such as CataractCoach. His video showcases a very tough case where the patient has about a 1.5 mm pupil and he uses a pupil expansion ring that I have not previously featured, the Visitec I-Ring. I enjoyed watching this video and it got me thinking, should I start watching more VR videos so that I can learn?

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