1629: can you show more Tecnis cases?

A number of ophthalmologists have asked if I can show more cases using Tecnis IOLs and I am happy to oblige. I enjoy using IOLs from all companies and I want to be able to offer the full line-up of options to my patients. I help the patient select the IOL option that will give the best results and do well with the specific patient anatomy. I have been using the Tecnis line of IOLs for about 20 years, going back to when Tecnis was owned by Pharmacia, then sold to AMO, which was transferred to Abbott, and then finally landed with Johnson & Johnson. Quite a journey and the lens has continued to evolve with time. The latest Eyhance version can do well in the right eyes if we consider it a monofocal IOL (it is not an extended depth of focus IOL). I will try to vary the videos that I post in the future to show more IOL options. But really, at the end of the day, is the IOL insertion the best surgical pearl you’re learning from CataractCoach?

With a 1 mm central increase in power, the Tecnis Eyhance may have better results in patients with small pupils as compared to patients with larger pupils.

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  1. The cost of this lens is more expensive than an alcon lens in the monofocal platform which can make it difficult to get at the surgery center. However, this may be a real nice option for Toric lenses since the patient covers the lens fee and can get an extended depth of focus. Any comment on lens rotation stability?

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