1622: get involved with ophthalmic consulting

This video addresses one of the most common questions that I am asked: How do I get involved with ophthalmic consulting? How do I find the path to the podium? How do I get my name out there? How can I become a leader in our field?

Key opinion leaders (KOLs) are ophthalmologists who work with organizations, industry, publications, and organized meetings to help spread information and facilitate discussion among colleagues. I encourage you to become a key opinion leader and get involved with ophthalmic consulting so that you can shape the future of ophthalmology. I first became involved in ophthalmic consulting about 20 years ago as you can see from my baby-faced picture in the title slide. I am thankful for having the opportunity to work with so many great ophthalmic companies now and in the past. And I’m especially fond of the amazing friendships that have been forged over the past two decades. These days I am very selective and I turn down many more opportunities than I accept. It’s time for the new generation of ophthalmologists to step up and lead our specialty.

If you have ever thought about giving a presentation at a large meeting or working with industry to develop the ophthalmic products of our future, then you should absolutely pursue it. There are some challenges, including finding balance with your personal life and enduring the high degree of traveling, but the rewards are many. This video is 30 minutes of the best pearls that you can use to kickstart your journey and there is a special interview with one of the top KOLs, Inder Paul Singh MD, where he shares his best advice. After an exhaustive google search, the secrets to breaking into ophthalmic consulting are just not out there… until now. This video is well worth the time investment!

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  1. What a great topic for a video! I watch Cataract Coach videos every day. I’ve been doing this for 33 years and am still learning. Great pearl is to balance family life. You can never get that time back.

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