1606: European residents learn in India

I am thankful for the expertise of our ophthalmologist colleagues in India, the country with the highest cataract surgical volume on the planet. I have learned so much from our Indian colleagues over the past decades from brilliant and innovative surgeons who do a tremendous amount of cataract surgery. In some countries, however, ophthalmology training does not include a sufficient number of surgical cases and these young doctors often take a trip to India where they can learn by doing surgery while under the watchful supervision of experts. Even here in Los Angeles, I know American surgeons who were mid-career and desiring better surgical skills so they made the trip to India for a couple of weeks to get more hands-on experience. This video features a surgeon from a European country but asked that she/he (and her/his country) remain anonymous since her/his professors do not condone traveling to India to learn surgery. That is unfortunate. I am always looking to learn and the next time I make a trip to India I want to visit with experts there and learn even more. Now which Indian vitreo-retinal surgeon wishes to have me as their fellow? I am ready to learn!

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  1. I live in Europe . I have been to India, years ago. I was trained by great, wise Dr Dharmendra Nath . Huge Master of Cataract Surgery. Nowdays I am a Head of Ophtalmological Ward – I can? You can! just do it 😁

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