1568: technique for iris prosthesis

We recently featured a video of a prosthetic iris implant and some CataractCoach fans had pearls to make the procedure easier. The main challenge is fitting the large artificial iris into the capsular bag through the capsulorhexis. This video has some great pearls from our guest surgeon, Dr Richard Sayegh, to simplify the technique. This is a procedure that most cataract surgeons should be very comfortable with, the catch is the cost of the iris implant which can be quite high.

This paper from Henryque Amaral MD describes the overfold technique.

I have not yet performed one of these surgeries, so I am thankful to our CataractCoach expert surgeons who have submitted their videos. We are all learning together and sharing the knowledge for the benefit of our patients. In this video I summarize the important points and how I will be doing my first case of this in the near future.

link here

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