1554: traumatic cataract and macular hole

The eye is a very fragile organ and trauma can cause dramatic damage that can be challenging to repair. We have featured many prior videos of ruptured globe repair cases before, but even with closed globe injuries like this case, delicate ocular structures can be damaged. This young patient sustained blunt force trauma with resulted in a whitish cataract, macular hole, and even some iris damage. The patient is able to recover vision with a combined cataract surgery with IOL placement and a pars plana vitrectomy with membrane peel. The patient must understand that while we can address his ocular trauma and repair the tissues, we cannot undo the trauma and it is not possible to return to the perfect vision that he had prior to the injury.

Our guest surgeon, Dr Nimesh Patel, faculty at Harvard Medical School, is a senior editor for VRsurgeryonline.com which is a complete web-based textbook of vitreo-retinal surgery. The advantage of having this book as an online resource is that it can be updated in real time and it can feature surgical videos. For our CataractCoach subscribers, you can have free access to this valuable resource by going to their website and signing up.

link for today’s video is here

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