1548: skill level after 2000 surgeries

We have previously discussed the surgical learning curve with a detailed explanation how the beginning part of the curve is quite steep, with most surgeons needing to do at least a few hundred cataract surgeries to be half-way to the top. However the returns are diminishing as the scale of this learning curve is logarithmic. Cataract surgery takes a few years to learn but a lifetime to truly master.

Note the logarithmic scale for the learning curve of cataract surgery.

After 2000 cataract surgeries, you should have a great deal of control during procedures, particularly if they are relatively routine. Efficiency and safety should also increase and you will learn to operate while in a state of flow. Here is another video of a different surgeon at case 2000 for comparison. The video today shows a guest surgeon who has superb skills and is able to restore excellent vision to the patient in a safe and efficient surgery. With hard work and dedication, you can also achieve this!

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