1532: Curriculum Lesson 2: your attitude

If you are a resident, fellow, or in practice for less than 5 years, then you really need to watch this Lesson 2 in our CataractCoach Curriculum series. This compilation video features four very important lessons that will certainly improve your surgeries, your career, and your life. These are critically important lessons that are not typically taught in medical school or residency training. These are the critical lessons about the right attitude that I wish I was taught when I was a resident. Some of the young doctors in our audience will shy away from this video and I expect it to get fewer views than a lesson about capsulorhexis creation, but that is exactly my point: surgical success is not for everyone and there is no shortcut to getting to the top of the bell curve of surgical skill. If just a handful of young surgeons take these lessons to heart, then I will be completely content. And they will be the surgical superstars of the future.

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