1528: open globe, failed graft, & cataract

This video is a series of three separate surgeries on the same patient, by the same surgeon, Dr Jimmy Hu from New York City. I have sped up the video so that you can watch the important parts from all three surgeries in just 5 minutes, with my commentary. If you want to watch the real-time highlights from these procedures, you can see that video with Dr Hu’s commentary at this link.

The patient had a prior corneal transplant and the sustained an ocular injury which resulted in an open globe with dehiscence of the graft, prolapse of intra-ocular contents, and cataract formation. The first surgery is to address the open globe issue and the goal is to close the eye so that it is watertight and to reposit the tissues. After this heals, the patient comes back to the operating room for a repeat corneal transplant. And then finally, the last surgery is to address the traumatic white cataract. The patient does very well and achieves 20/30 vision with spectacles at the end. Truly an outstanding outcome. There are so many great pearls to learn from this case. Dr Hu was assisted by excellent ophthalmology residents in these cases and I’m sure they enjoyed learning from this case.

link here

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