1501: complete toric IOL technique

Toric IOLs are great options to address corneal astigmatism, especially when it is 1 diopter or greater in magnitude. This is a complete cataract case where I show you everything from start to finish. In this case we are using a simplified method of marking the steep corneal meridian because many of our CataractCoach viewers do not have access to the mega-expensive equipment for intra-operative digital guidance. The results are great even with this simplified method and the patient here achieved an excellent 20/20 visual outcome with full correction of 2.5 diopters of corneal astigmatism. Generally about 25% to 50% of my cataract surgery patients benefit from a toric IOL and since this is available in monofocal, extended depth of focus, and trifocal designs, the patient has many great options.

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