1446: taking pride in your routine surgery

Routine surgery is probably 90% of what you perform every week in your operating room (or operating theatre), but sometimes it is not as much fun to watch CataractCoach videos of these cases. The unusual, complex, and difficult cases tend to get more views on our channel, but for the best return on time invested, we should actually spend more time studying these routine cases. Taking pride in your routine case is important because it sets your mental drive to perfect every step of the procedure. I encourage you, particularly if you have done fewer than 1000 cataract surgeries, to really spend time analyzing your routine cataract case to see what can be improved. In that regard, please critically analyze my video below and leave me a comment of what could be done better. Like you, I am here to learn.

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  1. Beautifully done Dr.Uday! You have mastered the lens salute technique as we call it in India! What more can i say! It’s always a treat to watch your surgical VIDEOS!

  2. A good phaco surgeon makes difficult cases look routine. A bad phaco surgeon makes routine cases look difficult. Great video. Thanks

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