1430: mom of an ophthalmologist

Since our surgery center is in Beverly Hills, I have many celebrities as patients. Multiple actors / actresses who have won an Academy Award / Oscar for their performances have had cataract surgery with me. Sometimes patients who are looking for the best cataract surgeon are influenced by the testimonials of celebrities. That is understandable but it is misguided — I have done more surgeries for celebrities than just about any other ophthalmologist, but I would bet that not many of them could spell ophthalmology! A better metric is the number of fellow ophthalmologists who ask you to operate on their eyes or the eyes of their family members. And this is such a case. Another ophthalmologist in California sent me his 92 year old mother for cataract surgery. This is that surgical case and I give you my best pearls for this tricky procedure. And remember that in the future, one of my CataractCoach fans will end up doing cataract surgery for my eyes!

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