1404: easy pearls for floppy iris cases

So I was at a meeting on the east coast and young surgeons were debating the use of a pupil ring versus iris hooks for cases of floppy iris and small pupil. Each side of the argument had sound reasons for their preferences and then one of these young doctors asked a senior doctor what he preferred. His reply made me smile because he said, “I just do the case without those devices — it’s just a simple cataract.” And he meant it sincerely because after doing so many thousands of cases, it truly was a non-event for him: just do the cataract surgery and handle it. I know that it is easier said that done and that cataract surgery has a very tough learning curve. It takes a few years to learn cataract surgery and then a lifetime to master it.

This video shows a complete cataract case from start to finish where I deal with a floppy iris due to prior Flomax (tamsulosin) use. It really is no issue and I reveal my surgical pearls that allow completion of this case in a safe and efficient manner. I am sure that you will benefit from at least a few of these surgical pearls. This video is me operating at our private surgical center in Beverly Hills, California.

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  1. Beautiful videos in addition to all those steps also use atropine on the operative day two drops 1% times two

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