1402: phaco-section in MSICS

We have already explained the benefits of learning MSICS (manual small-incision cataract surgery) and I always encourage my USA colleagues to master this technique instead of relying on phaco for every case. While I rarely use the MSICS technique (less than 1% of my cases), it is imperative that we all have this technique available in our surgical skillset. In the case shown here, our guest surgeon uses the technique of phaco-section to split the nucleus into two halves prior to manually removing them through a shelf-style phaco incision. No special instruments are needed and even the cortex removal is done with a simple Simcoe cannula. The resultant incision has a width of about 4mm externally and it seals well without sutures. Importantly, the incision is also gentle in terms of the astigmatism and this allows the surgeon to insert a multi-focal IOL for maximum vision range without spectacles. Imagine the miracle of going from a dense white cataract to great vision after just 24 hours! This is why I love cataract surgery!

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