1352: capsular tension rings: when & how

This is my presentation for today, Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at the Hawaiian Eye Meeting and it is a concise review of capsular tension rings (CTRs) including when and how to use them. CTRs can be placed in the capsular bag to help address zonulopathy from trauma or from conditions like pseudo-exfoliation. This video shows multiple different surgeries and techniques and it has been sped up to maximize learning in just 5 minutes. This compilation video is full of great surgical pearls that I’m sure you will find very useful.

As you start the capsulorhexis you notice a significant degree of capsule wrinkling. This indicates loose zonular support.
As I tear the capsulorhexis, there is a large degree of zonular laxity which allows the anterior lens capsule to wrinkle extensively. Normally the anterior lens capsule should be taut like the head of a drum. This is the time to tell your circulating nurse to open the CTR because you will be using it.

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