1346: large Descemet detachment

Cataract surgery is a very technically challenging surgery that takes years to learn and a lifetime to master. And every step of cataract surgery is important for the success of the case. In this video a misloaded IOL causes the injector tip to swell so it does not fit well in the incision. The resident does a twisting maneuver to finally get the tip inside the eye, not realizing that caused a Descemet tear. Then using the IA probe to remove viscoelastic, that edge of Descemets layer was aspirated and the detachment ended up scrolling across the central visual axis. All of this because of a misloaded IOL!

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  1. This is a scary complication. As someone who experienced a severe complication from routine cataract surgery I can empathize with this patient.
    Great expectations turned into a nightmare.

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