1308: corneal tattoo for cosmetic benefit

Corneal tattooing is sometimes used to help block light that enters a peripheral iridotomy and causes dysphotopsias. That is usually a small tattoo in the corneal periphery and it tends to work pretty well. This case is different: the patient has a large central corneal scar and this white spot stands in stark contrast to her dark colored iris. Fortunately, she does not have any strabismus issues such as a sensory exotropia which is common in non-seeing eyes. The patient is young and she is very bothered by the appearance of this eye as she feels that people stare at the eye when engaging in conversation with her. Importantly, this eye has no visual potential and thus doing a corneal transplant is not the right move.

Our guest surgeon is Dr Rajib Mukherjee from India and he submitted this case since it was one of the most gratifying procedures of his career. He used an actual tattoo device with four oscillating needles and then appropriate ink placed into the mid stroma of the cornea. The result is an excellent cosmetic outcome and he reports that it was the first time that he saw the patient smile.

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