1288: the subtleties of efficient surgery

Becoming efficient in the operating room is not easy and it takes years to truly hone your craft. Remember that the first step in efficiency is decreasing wasted time between cases or from the time in the room until the first incision. You can become far more efficient even with keeping the identical surgical cut-time as we have explained in this previous post.

You can improve your efficiency even if the cut-time per case is identical!

This video shows the intra-operative techniques that I use to be more efficient during the actual surgery itself. Note that this is still the highest level of care and absolutely no corners are cut. This is the exact high level of surgery that I would want for my own eyes without a single compromise. You will really need to study this video in order to learn these very subtle moves, but once you do, I am sure that you will find increased efficiency and better outcomes for your own patients.

click to study this video and learn the surgical pearls for cataract surgery efficiency: