1258: OSN NY managing capsular issues

This talk is one of my lectures from the OSN NY 2021 meeting. This is the Ocular Surgery News meeting in New York City and I am giving this lecture live and at the same time releasing the annotated video here on CataractCoach. Anyone who enjoys my lecture live and in-person can also re-watch it any time and anywhere. I think that is the future of our in-person meetings and lectures: the ability to share with our colleagues from around the world via video streaming.

This video shows how you can manage capsular issues such as a ruptured posterior capsule or an anterior capsular tear and still safely implant a toric, prebyopia-correcting premium IOL in the capsular bag. There are some important pearls shown here which can help you rescue the case and give your patient an excellent visual outcome with their desired IOL.

click to learn how you can manage these capsular issues and still implant the IOL in the bag:

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