1244: why I use so many different IOLs

As surgeons, our number one priority is our patients. We look out for our patients and their best interests and we choose the IOLs that best matches with their anatomy, biometry, and their desires for visual function. In this regard, it is important for you as a surgeon to learn about a wide range of different IOL options and to gain experience in using them. We want more tools in the toolbox, not fewer. And we want to expand the range of options available to our patients. Do not limit yourself to just the IOLs from one company. Be loyal to your patients and to yourself. This video explains my rationale for using so many different IOLs. Sure, I may have a fastball that I like to throw most of the time, but I want to have experience in throwing all different kinds of pitches. There are surgeons who just love the Alcon monofocals (AcrySof and now Clareon), those who just love the J&J (formerly Abbott, formerly AMO) monofocals (Tecnis/Eyhance), and those who just love the B&L monofocals (EnVista, Akreos, and even SofPort). And there are other manufacturers as well: Hoya, Rayner, Zeiss, and more.

Looks like a fun morning lineup with a variety of IOLs.

click to learn why I like to use a wide variety of IOLs (plus watch a nice cataract surgery):

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  1. Hello Dr.Devgan,
    can you explain the IOL nomenclature:
    for example, what it means SN60WF, MA60MA etc…
    what is SN, what is WF usw.

  2. Although you direct us to reading the studies,seeing the title of this video I was hoping I would learn your rational about choosing let’s say an acrysof/clareon vs a Technis or an Acreos,or the same with multifocal lenses.That would be very helpful. Thank you for your fun and passionate style!

  3. Hello Dr. Devgan,

    I watched your video on the Technis Eyhance and thought the video was great and the lens a nice compromise between distance and intermediate clarity. I keep hearing the B&L EnVista can provide intermediate vision, possible at the level of Eyhance, but never any details or stats. Can you tell me your experience with EnVista versus Eyhance or steer me in the right direction? thanks.

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