1221: traumatic cataract lens penetration

This patient sustained a penetrating ocular injury about one year ago. He was working on a construction project and a small needle / nail punctured his cornea, went through his iris, and damaged his crystalline lens. It was an in-and-out injury and we have confirmed that there is no intra-ocular foreign body. His puncture wound sealed on its own and over the course of a year he has developed a progressively worse cataract. In this title picture you can see the site of the cornea and lens puncture. Slit-lamp microscope imaging at the pre-operative consultation showed that there was a puncture of both the anterior and posterior capsules. This is not going to be a simple cataract surgery. Fortunately, this resident was able to successfully complete this case under the supervision of a professor. An anterior vitrectomy was also performed and the patient received a sulcus IOL with optic capture.

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