1207: soft PSC cataract technique

This a complete cataract case, shown start to finish, for a young patient (age is early 30s) who has an extensive posterior sub-capsular cataract (PSC) as shown in this picture. It is causing very significant vision loss and it is time for cataract surgery. Keep in mind that this surgery must be perfect and must last for 60 or 70 years. That means the incision must seal well and permanently for the long term and the capsulorhexis must be precise and centered. The posterior capsule must be cleaned well but also cautiously to avoid any damage. This seemingly straightforward case is actually far more demanding that it seems. The result of the case is truly as perfect as I could make it and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. That patient is also very happy and will enjoy excellent vision for a lifetime.

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  1. Respected sir i am a 43 years old female Retinitis pigmontosa patient.i have cataract in my both eyes . Plz suggest which lens would bebenifical for my eyes and plz also suggest me where i should operated this cataract surgery in india and by which eye suorgen.

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