1161: IOL rescue suture fixation

Twenty years ago, the most common method of suturing an IOL to the sclera was using 10-0 prolene and a specialized IOL called the CZ70BD. This is a single-piece PMMA IOL which is rigid and not foldable and it has a large 7 mm optic and eyelets on each haptic which assist in suture fixation. The 10-0 prolene sutures can break many years later and that is what we have here, with the IOL falling into the vitreous cavity. Our guest surgeon is Dr Rishi Gupta who is also the author of my favorite ophthalmology book called Reflections of a Pupil. (I have no financial interest in this book and I do not receive any referral fees — I just love the book!) Dr Gupta rescues this case and uses gore-tex to provide a secure fixation for the IOL which should last the patient’s lifetime.

click to learn from this great rescue case of a dislocated IOL: