1142: the ophthalmologist’s wife

This is a complete cataract case, shown start to finish, of a white cataract surgery performed for a patient who is the wife of an ophthalmologist. The cataract progressed quickly and then over the course of about a month, the vision rapidly deteriorated as the cortex became liquefied and opaque. We use the needle decompression technique to remove much of this liquefied cortex from the capsular bag to de-pressurize it. A good capsulorhexis is created and the nucleus is chopped. Upon removal of the residual lens cortex, the capsular bag is noted to have scarring and fibrotic changes. It is cleaned to the best of my ability while being cautious of iatrogenic capsular damage — especially because the ophthalmologist is watching you live! This was a fun and enjoyable case and the patient was very pleased with the visual outcome.

click to see this case of a white cataract in the wife of a fellow ophthalmologist: