1127: keeping track of surgical timing

You are the master of your own domain. The master of your own career. The master of your own life. Take 100% responsibility of your own future and be your own toughest critic. Do you want to be at the top? Do you want to be a master surgeon? Then stop complaining and start stepping up. You can do this! I have faith in you and I know that you can do it — but will you?

This video shows my pearls of keeping track of your own surgical efficiency and your own operating room (or operating theatre for our British friends) time. Why are you not keeping track of this? Only two options: you do not care or you want people like me to eat your lunch! This is your wake-up call. It will not be repeated.

If you are too lazy to track your performance, do not worry. It is ok. Your colleagues like me will accept that. As we eat your lunch!

click to learn about the importance of tracking your surgical timing:


  1. How do you work with staff to cut down on turnover and block time, especially as a trainee? I would imagine that they would not be received well by CRNAs and nurses who only work with a resident for 1-2 days here or there.

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